Talent Acquisition (Recruitment)

    Engaging a professional recruiter helps counter potential setbacks by enabling the business acquire top talent in the

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    Human Resource Consultancy’

    As the prime HR consultants in Kenya and beyond, we offer value-added human resource consultancy services to enhance your HR

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    Outsourced HR

    Our seasoned team of expertise supports business ongoing and/or as needed human resource related activities. The service is flexible

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    Training & Development

    We understand that every company in existence has learning needs. Having an ongoing learning & development programs that

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    Organizational Change & Development

    DIRA HR solutions partners with small and large businesses alike to assess or reassess existing

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    Payroll Management

    We provide expert and prompt payroll management services to keep your employees happy and focused on your core business priorities.

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    Career Coaching Centre

    Are you looking forward to start out your career journey, feeling stuck or unfulfilled at work, dreaming of that career

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