Organizational Change and Development

DIRA HR solutions partners with small and large businesses alike to assess or reassess existing organizational structures and processes. Our dedicated team will provide both management and staff within your organization with tools needed to work in an effective and cohesive way.

This is enabled through a planned change and organizational-wide continuous processes designed to help improve communication, problem solving techniques and a renewal process through a collaborative management culture. We work with our clients to customize an approach towards enabling them align people, processes and practices to achieve its goals and objectives. That includes’

  • Organizational assessment and design
  • Leadership and Manager Development
  • Company culture and employee engagement
  • Workforce consulting and training services
  • Building and managing remote workforce teams
  • Strategic planning and execution guidance
  • Senior leadership team development
  • Organizational structure alignment
  • Change strategy and execution
  • Team performance improvement.

Feel free to contact our human resources consultants directly for more information about Organizational Change and Development:; +254722794093

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