Toping in Interviews: Questions to Avoid During Job Interviews.

Job search can be a very daunting task and compels a job seeker to want to over express themselves once they land an interview. As a candidate, each and every little thing you say during a job interview determines whether or not the hiring manager will select you as a great fit for the job. That’s why it’s important to remind yourself of what not to say.

Here are a few responses to avoid to increase your chances of being employed.

In a few years, I hope to be in your position

The hiring manager will not be pleased with this response and will assume that you are typically lazy or will bring about unhealthy competition. Instead, outline ways that you see yourself growing in the organization and the contribution you will make to the growth of the organization. This not only shows that you care about your career advancement, but you are also dedicated to your employer’s long-term growth.

Can you tell me about the company?

Most candidates are victim of this question. Truth is that the hiring manager will find it insulting and may lead to a poor first interview impression. If the hiring manager took time to read your resume, so are you expected to take your time to research more about the company.

My biggest weakness is being a perfectionist

This is a behavioral question that most recruiters take seriously. Nobody is perfect and the best way to approach this kind of question is to list the top skills required for this and rank them from the strongest to the least.

What are your company’s benefits?

Remember, the first interview session with a recruiter is meant to determine whether you should continue running for this position. This should come up when you are negotiating on the job offer and the employers since to find you as the great fit for the role during the job interview.

I am a self-starter

 During the interview process, I’ve had many candidates   say this especially when asked about their strengths. This has become a widely overused answer. A more better response would be; ‘I am not afraid to take the lead on new assignments, and I can do so little with much guidance,’ followed by a practical experience when you successfully did this. Reach as @ Dira HR Solutions for your job search tips.

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