Human Resource Consultancy

As the prime HR consultants in Kenya and beyond, we offer value-based human resource consultancy services to enhance your HR processed and procedures.

HR Strategy Development

We design and develop the business’s overall plan for managing its human capital and HR process so that the same are aligned to the overall business strategy, goals and objectives. We help set the right direction for all the key areas in HR, including recruitment, onboarding, performance appraisal, training, compensation, promotions, job structures and employee separation.

Organizational structural design

This is the process of defining, designing and re-structuring the business structure with an aim of diagnosing any type of dysfunctional elements related to the overall organization’s system, process and work culture.

HR Audits and compliance

HR audits are used to assess the level of compliance of human resource policies and procedures within an organization. Our human resources consultants will diagnose HR issues before they become real problems and provide the right solution for implementation. Conducting effective regular and routine HR compliance audit can help your business improve your HR processes and avoid costly penalties.

Job evaluation

This involves the systematic process of determining the worth of various jobs within an organization so that you pay the right wage based on the worth of the job. Engage Dira HR to avoid any inconsistence in the job rates and enable you to achieve uniformity in the wage structure.

Performance Management

We design and develop effective performance measures that relate to your unique company’s core business and meet your corporate goals and objectives for maximum employee productivity.

360 Feedback Surveys

We maintain confidentiality throughout the process to help employees recognize their strength and weaknesses so as to develop the right employee behavior, competencies while fostering positive culture change.

Comprehensive employee handbook and policies

A valuable resource that reflects the employer’s standards and expectations. It also provides guidance and information relating to the organization’s mission, vision, values, policies, employee benefits and procedures to the benefit of both the employer and employees.

Employee Engagement Surveys

We design engagement surveys that are tailored to measure and asses how motivated and engaged your employees are in order to perform their best at work and achieve maximum productivity.

Compensation and rewards strategy

Our human resource consultants lays out your organization’s ideas on how you want to determine employee pay and benefits. This is aligned to your organization’s goals to achieve a competitive advantage.

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