Are you looking forward to start out your career journey, feeling stuck or unfulfilled at work, dreaming of that career change, returning to work following a career break or going for that promotion? Our tried and tested coaching methodology helps our clients to successfully make exciting changes possible.

Our experienced career coaches are ready to help you review and reflect on your progress and plan your next move.

What is Career Coaching?

Career coaching is a partnership between the coach and the client to offer support and guidance that a client needs in order to reach their ultimate career goals. The coach helps the client to achieve their personal best and to produce the desired results in their professional lives. At Dira HR, coaching is solution-oriented. You have the opportunity to work 1-1 with a coach to help you explore your career plan and goals and plan concrete steps towards achieving your objectives.

Career Coaching is NOT

  • A counselling, training or mentorship session
  • A coach finding a job on your behalf
  • A coach giving you solutions
  • A career coach is not a fortune teller but a facilitator

Our Coaching Programmes

  • Young graduates looking to start out their career journey
  • Interview coaching
  • Return to work following a career-break
  • Professionals looking to change careers
  • Too many unsuccessful job applications
  • Executive and leadership coach

We help you;

  • Successfully navigate your career transition and change
  • Establish realistic career goals
  • Develop customized action plans
  • Develop tools and methodologies to solve career issues i.e lack of motivation
  • Discover solutions to the current internal and external challenges in your career
  • Build self-confidence, instill the right motivation and inspiration
  • Get right on track after the long career break
  • Develop you self-unique personal brand

Each programme is;

  • Tailored around your specific needs
  • Delivered with the same coach throughout your programme
  • Designed to offer CV review

We offer

  • Face to face coaching
  • Online/virtual coaching

Our online sessions will provide;

  • The same quality of career coaching session as face to face session
  • Reduced costs of the programme
  • Greater access if you are not able to visit our office
  • The opportunity for distant learning approach to allow more flexibility.

How it works

1. Send us an email at and let us know what you’re looking for help with.
2. Receive your individual coaching assessment
3. Start your coaching programme
Feel free to contact our human resources consultants directly for more information about Recruitment services:; +254722794093

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