Five Must Have Recruitment Practices: HR’s and Start-ups

For every employee to make a big impact, every recruiter needs to have a good strategy for their recruitment, and in order to do so, an organization must have a set of efficient HR team or engage an external human resource consultant to help smoothen the best recruitment practices.

Let us look at the 5 must have recruitment practices for HR professionals.

  • Hiring the Right person

Hiring the right people for the right job is very crucial for the success of any company. This will help define further the best recruitment practices of the company.  HR should work to ensure that the hiring process is flawless, for the company to work at its best potential. In addition, employing the best recruitment strategy is equally important. We advise the ability to get to know each and every potential candidate properly before jumping into any hiring conclusion.

It’s important not to rush into any hiring decisions, just because the position needs to fill urgently.

  • Talent versus Experience

HR consultant or professional must pick talent over experience for any recruitment process. There are a lot of raw talent that has not been tapped yet hence organizations need to give them an equal chance. The fresh energy that new and young talent tends to outweigh the number of years a candidate has against their work experience. However, recruiters should aim to strike a great balance between ‘hiring someone who can add great value and ‘candidates who match the required skill sets.

  • Brand Building

Companies should indulge in brand building as a way of attracting prospecting applicants. This becomes a strategy for HR to encourage transparency and talk about the goal, vision and the long-term plans of the company to the prospective hires.

  • Right interview process

Gone are the days where boring traditional and conventional interview process would dominate the interview room. The more strict procedural approach a recruiter follows, the more nervous candidates will feel. One should encourage an informal way that encourages creativity and passion of the candidate. In addition, multiple round of interviews are recommended so as to get accurate measure of the candidate’s passion. Not only does this build credibility but it also strengthens the recruitment practice.

  • Affordability

Last but not least, affordability. Many startups are usually short on recruitment budget hence they are not able to match up with the industry recruitment standards. Hence it is important to engage a professional human resource consultant at pay-package that a company can afford to sustain in the long run. Dira HR Solutions ensures that such companies are able to attract top talent   with the right skill-set to the growth and stability of the company.

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